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CHICAGO — City officials have announced restrictions for bars and restaurants that sell liquor across the city in an effort to reduce community spread of COVID-19.

Citing worries of large gathering continuing through St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, police will enforce that all business establishments that sell liquor to have less than half of their regular max capacity. 

Additionally, any establishments that sell liquor will have a max capacity of 100 persons. 

As part of these measures to limit large gatherings, the City is also requiring business owners to discontinue lining patrons up who are waiting for entry outside of establishments and on the public way. 

BACP and CPD are working with local entrepreneurs and business owners to ensure they’re monitoring the new requirements.

While offering an update about COVID-19 cases in the state Saturday, Pritzker said he was “disappointed” with all the people he saw out at bars celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.

“We saw a lot of crowds out and about today, and I need to be frank,” Pritzker said. “We can have a massive positive effect on bending the transmission curve, thereby saving lives, if people take this seriously.”

There are 66 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Illinois.