‘You all took a very special person’: Mother of 8-year-old speaks out after her daughter was shot and killed

Chicago News

CHICAGO — The mother of 8-year-old Dajore Wilson is still trying to come to terms with the girl’s shooting death on Labor Day.

The shooting happened just before 6 p.m. Monday. Police say someone fired shots into a vehicle carrying Dajore, her mother and two others.

Police said their vehicle was stopped at a red light and the suspects’ vehicle was directly behind it. When the light turned green, shots were fired into their vehicle where it continued northbound on Union and crashed into a tree.

Dajore was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Dajore’s father and a family friend were critically wounded in the back. The father is still recovering at the hospital.

Dajore’s mother, Tracey Holmes, was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital in good condition. She was injured by broken glass.

On Thursday she spoke out for the first time since the shooting.

“You all took a very special person,” she said. “She didn’t even get to experience everything that she’s supposed to experience. She was only 8. I know somebody is sitting at home right now that did this. And you don’t feel anything? Something is wrong with you.”

A vigil was held Wednesday evening for Dajore. A memorial was set up near 47th Street and Union Avenue near the area where the 8-year-old was shot and killed.

A woman who was visiting a friend at an apartment building on the street where the shooting happened was outside chopping firewood to make s’mores with her children, when they heard the gunshots. They hid behind a radiator outside, then ran upstairs to safety.

But the woman, Shana Lamb, came back outside, and ran down to help the family. She performed CPR on Dajore. She said she saw Dajore’s mother pull her from the car. Lamb said she just started screaming for help.

“Everything happened so fast,” she said. “I had blood all over me.”

Lamb said the scene will be forever imprinted in her mind.

“I see her face a lot when I close my eyes and i will never forget her as long as I live,” she said.

Dajore’s family is devastated and is begging for an end to the gun violence.

“Please tell these kids to put the guns down, man. This is enough,” David Wilson, Dajore’s cousin, said.

Investigators believe the shooting was gang related and that someone may have been targeting one of the adults in the car.

In a Facebook live video, Dajore’s father denied any gang affiliation.


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