NEW ORLEANS — Chicago radio legend Terri Hemmert described a harrowing story after her friend was shot and a waiter was killed while in New Orleans over the weekend.

Hemmert, who is celebrating her 50th year with WXRT this year, was in town to attend the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with nearly 30 friends for her birthday.

On Friday, while the group was dining at Mandina’s Restaurant — they were interrupted by a “hail of bullets,” Hemmert wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday morning.

“What I did on my spring vacation. I went to New Orleans. I did not go to the Jazz and Heritage Festival. I did not eat Crawfish Monica. I did start my big birthday party. It was interrupted by a hail of bullets. 28 of my precious friends were hitting the floor. I looked to my right. Two very special women were on the floor by my feet. There was blood. And a bullet hole on the wall. Two inches from me. And a bullet in my friend’s back. It was surreal,” the start of Hemmert’s post reads.

A waiter at the restaurant, later identified as Hilbert Walker III, 23, was killed in what police believe was a targeted shooting.

One of Hemmert’s friends at the restaurant with her, a 54-year-old Chicago woman who has not been identified at this time, was shot in the back.

A private security guard returned fire during the incident.

The legendary DJ planned on honoring her late colleague Lin Brehmer with an oyster po boy, something they used to enjoy together at Heaven on Seven, but was shaken up after the shooting.

“My two friends and roommates this weekend and I are laying low. We’re not going to the fest. No restaurants, please. For now. We have stayed in our hotel. We have had friends come to bring us food and company. We appreciate it so much. Many have gone home early to be with their families. My excellent travel agent and friend rearranged our travel plans so my friend with a bullet in her back will not have to travel alone. We will both be in wheel chairs, first class, with complimentary adult beverages,” Hemmert wrote.

She posted that some of her friends brought her an oyster po boy to her hotel room so she could honor Brehmer.

In the post, Hemmert asked “what’s it gonna take?” in regards to potential gun control legislation.

“Maybe we should change that to campaign to stop military weapons violence. What’s it gonna take? We are afraid of our kids reading a book or seeing a drag queen,” Hemmert wrote. “But getting shot is the price we pay for so called ‘freedom.’ I’m pissed.”

Hemmert hosts “Breakfast with the Beatles” on Sunday mornings and was elected to the Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.