A Chicago woman is fueling her frustration with activism after she says she and a group of men who are experiencing homelessness were turned away from staying at a local hotel.

That incident happened at the beginning of the month and then, Dr. Aleta Clark, more commonly known as “Englewood Barbie” has slept nearly every night in a tent under the Dan Ryan. She is hoping to raise awareness and money for men and women who are without permanent homes.

Monday night, Clark is hosting a sleepout under the Dan Ryan at 20th and Canalport.

“I’m providing food. I’m providing some heat. But you have to bring your sleeping bag and tent and come out here and get dirty with us,” she said.

Clark is expecting a crowd from Chicago and beyond to leave the comfort of their homes for a night to help her bring more awareness to homelessness and treating people who live on the streets with dignity and respect.

“It’s really just to show people (that) it’s not just me that cares,” she said. “A lot of people are flying in from different parts of the world to lie out here in solidarity with the friends and that means a lot to me.”

Clark said said early in February she and a group who live in the tents were asked to leave Hyatt House, even though they had a reservation. At the time a representative from the hotel told WGN News that the reservation was cancelled before the group arrived because the reservation did not include a real name and that raised security concerns. According to the Hyatt representative, the hotel offered the group to rebook for a one week stay. Clark said that didn’t happen, but she acknowledges the hotel’s apology.

“I appreciate their apology because they don’t have to apologize,” she said. “So I definitely appreciate it but I expect more.”

Since the incident, she’s been dedicated to sleeping in a tent near the men and women she calls “the friends,” until she can raise $1 million to build a shelter. So far, $120,000 have been raised through her organization “Hugs-no-Slugs.” She hopes Monday’s sleep out brings more awareness to her cause. 

If you are interested in making a donation toward Dr. Clark’s cause, a website has been set up for those interested in doing so.

The sleepout is open to anyone who wants to bring more awareness to homelessness and reducing it across the city.