CHICAGO — A Chicago woman was able to find newlyweds after snapping candid pictures of them kissing while taking their wedding pictures outside of Map Room.

On Saturday afternoon during a rainy day, Kate Byrne noticed her dog reacted to bagpipes going off outside and she thought to herself “what’s going on?”

After throwing open the window shade, she was delighted to find a wedding party, complete with an entire bagpipe procession, walking toward the Bucktown bar and café Map Room.

“The song ended and I noticed them take a bunch of photos and I was like ‘I better take some pics,” Byrne recalled.

One of them catches the couple mid-kiss.

What seemed like an obstacle at the time turned out to be a cool effect as Byrne snapped the pictures, which took place at 12:56 p.m., through her window screen.

“At first I thought ‘oh this is kind of blurry,'” Byrne said. “But the more I looked at it, I thought ‘this is kinda ‘vintage-y.””

Byrne assumed the newlyweds most likely got married at one of the big nearby churches and walked over.

She immediately posted the pictures to Twitter.

After a few hours of this story being published, Byrne said the groom reached out to her and the couple is “very cute.”

“We were so stoked to do a bagpipe walk to the bar where we first met,” the bride Carli wrote on WGN News’ Facebook post.