CHICAGO — As temperatures rise in Chicago, so too do the number of festivals popping up around the city, and some residents are frustrated with how they are planned.

Some residents see the gatherings as opportunities to socialize with their neighbors and have a good time, while others feel they are left out completely by festival organizers, leading to them not being able to use their local green spaces for their originally intended purposes.

“We want private for profit festivals to not be in a public park,” said José Manuel Almanza, who lives near Douglass Park and is an organizer for Únete La Villita. “That’s not to say we don’t want festivals, we like music. We like activities for our families. We like to enjoy this park and there’s a lot of potential, but it should not be private and for profit.”

Douglass Park has held two of its three festivals so far this summer, with the last being Riot Fest happening from September 16-18. According to, there are over 50 fairs, festivals and conventions that take place all across Chicago from the beginning of May until the end of September.