CHICAGO — If you’ve ever wanted to own some of Wilco’s guitars or gear, now is your chance.

To get rid of some space in their iconic “Loft” studio, Wilco is selling a collection of instruments through Reverb — including a Burdett pump organ that dates back over 100 years.

Chicago’s own Reverb started in 2013 to become an online marketplace leader in buying and selling music gear.

“Prior to the introduction of electric organs, pump organs were incredibly popular. They push air past a thin piece of metal called a reed, that gives them a unique sound. Their rarity, coupled with their age, make them popular among musicians and organists,” said Reverb’s Senior Manager of Artist Relationships and Artist Partnerships Lauren Tolliver.

Burdett Pump Organ, Courtesy Reverb

In addition to the organ, the following is available from Wilco.

  • Rare Standel Custom Electric Guitar from the mid-60s
  • 1963 Gibson Everly Bros acoustic guitar
  • Martin 0-18K acoustic guitar built in 1933
  • Two Avalon AD2022 rack preamps from Jeff Tweedy
  • Carr Impala combo amplifier from Nels Cline

Wilco has had a great relationship with Reverb by getting over 400 pieces of gear into the hands of musicians since 2016.

The items become available on Wednesday through the Official Wilco Reverb Shop and each item will be priced directly by the band.

Anyone who buys the items will have it shipped to them by Wilco.

For more information and to register, click here.