CHICAGO — On a warm spring day, the Wicker Park farmer’s market has opened, aiming to host more than 40 vendors throughout the season.

From homemade bread and fresh foods to in-season flowers and handmade soaps, there’s something available for everyone.

Chuck Taylor’s wife Quinn is the brains behind ‘Soap Junkii.‘ Quinn Taylor began the business six years ago with handcrafted soaps and scrubs.

“The one thing that COVID did happen is that it told everyone wash their darn hands, so here we go,” Taylor said.

The crowds at the market basked in both the weather and the choices, with plenty of dining options such as chicken and waffles or even vegan empanadas at their fingertips.

Just two years ago, in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market opened late and to a limited number of vendors and customers.

This year, the market has opened early, anticipating 48 vendors at the peak of the season. Click here for more information.