COLUMBUS, Ohio — White Castle is offering a discount Thursday to celebrate the unofficial holiday of marijuana — 4/20.

Anyone who orders online with the code “CRAVINGS” will receive a 20% off discount. You can also print out a coupon for use in person here.

“This Thursday — 4/20 — a lot of people are going to be craving White Castle even more than usual, if you know what I mean,” the company said in a press release.

Don’t want to wait until 4/20 to get your crave on? The burger chain is also “celebrating” tax day, Tuesday 4/18, with an 18% off coupon. Online code “SAVE” or printable coupon, found here.

Locally, White Castle was recently in the news after one of their historic stores, an 88-year-old White Castle in Whiting, Indiana, announced they are going to remodel.