LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Advocates fighting for a federal ban on assault weapons are taking their message all the way to the nation’s capitol, once again hoping to convince congress to pass the legislation.

Congressman Brad Schneider (D-10) is one of the lawmaker pushing for a federal ban on assault weapons. He, alongside members of the community, headed back to Washington D.C. Monday hoping to see the legislation passed sooner than later.

“What we’re believe is what we’re asking for isn’t hard and it’s not complicated,” Kitty Brandtner, founder and co-president of March Fourth.

After the recent shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville where six people, including three 9-year-old children were killed, March Fourth founder Kitty Brandtner decided to take her message back to Washington D.C.

Brandtner hopes the march, scheduled for this upcoming Monday, pushes congress to act on passing a federal ban on assault weapons.

“Congress needs to act, the country needs to act,” Congressman Scheneider said. “We are seeing far too many deaths not just in the mass shootings, but everyday there are stories of shootings.”

Anti-violence community organizer Kevin Collins connects regularly with families impacted by everyday shootings in Illinois and Indiana. Collins set up a GoFundMe page with a goal to raise $20,000 to help families with a range of things like funeral and medical expenses, along with reward money after a loved one is killed by gun violence.

“People don’t see the aftermath of the effect that it takes on these families afterwards,” Collins said. “You see the beginning of it, you know their story, but after the funeral everybody goes back to their normal lives.”

For Brandtner, who continues to fight for a ban on assault weapons, she said the bills have already been introduced in the House and the Senate and could come to a vote anytime.

“We have been calling on Sen Schumer, who is the leader in the Senate, to bring the assault weapons bill to the floor because if it’s not going to immediately pass, we as Americans deserve to know where our elected officials stand,” Brandtner said.

The March is scheduled for 11:30 p.m. EST Monday. The event is expected to be two hours.

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