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CHICAGO – Community members on the West Side are voicing concerns after a group proposed a consolidation plan at a CPS board meeting this week.

Latajah Wilson was emotional as she talked about the possibility of her school closing.

The fifth grader at Sumner Elementary said it’s made a huge impact on her life.

“I only went to this school for three years and I learned so much from these teachers and they care so much about us,” Wilson said.

She was one of dozens of students, parents and teachers who came together Saturday afternoon to voice their concerns about possible school closures.

The North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council is proposing closing three community schools to open a new STEM school in the area.

The group presented the plan to CPS’ Board of Education earlier this week.

“They came up with this plan, thinking that with the purpose of ‘if you’re going to close these three schools, we need a STEM school,'” said 9th District State Rep. Lakesia Collins. “But that’s not the only option.”

Community members said the proposal does nothing to address other issues in the area; including lack of jobs, affordable housing and violence.

WGN has reached out to CPS as well as the mayor’s office to find out exactly where the proposal stands. They have not gotten back to us at this time.

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