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In an acknowledged attempt to right a wrong, City Council agreed on Monday to approve a near $3 million payment to Anjanette Young, following discussions behind closed doors on Sunday.

Young, the woman at the center of a humiliating and frightening 2019 botched police raid, is one step closer to getting a big payday. 

On Monday, Dec. 13, the City Council Finance Committee signed off on a $2.9 million settlement.

“All parties have agreed to – Ms. Young and her Council and the City – of $2.9 million,” said Corporation Council Celia Meza.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she is comfortable with the agreement. 

“We all saw that horrific video,” Lightfoot said. “We all saw the way in which she was treated. I think it’s a good thing that this matter is resolved.”

It’s been almost one year since video of the errant raid came out, making national headlines. City lawyers initially requested sanctions against Young and then her lawyers for sharing the video with the press.

The requests were later dropped. 

At first, Mayor Lightfoot claimed she had no knowledge of the matter before walking the statement back after a review of internal emails showed a top aide brought the raid to her attention. 

The fallout for Lightfoot and the City was massive. The mayor personally apologized to Young, Corporation Counsel Mark Flessner resigned and CPD revised its policy on raids. 

“We need to heal from this and move forward,” Lightfoot said.

The alderpeople unanimously endorsed the payment to Young. But some are not happy. 

“In my opinion, this settlement is not enough,” said Ald. Raymond Lopez. “My heart of heart tells me that this is insufficient.”

The settlement now heads to the full City Council for approval but questions about the raid remain. An IG report still has not been made public, and a private law firm is looking into the matter.

Anjanette Young’s legal team has not commented on the possible settlement.