CHICAGO — More than 1,000 Chicago Public School students will be geared up for the school year thanks to a community group’s efforts.

The group Who is Hussain works to provide an equal playing ground for everyone. And in Chicago one of their main focuses is education. Organizers said giving kids the essentials to start the year off right is key.

Dozens of volunteers gathered Sunday to pack 1,250 backpacks with school supplies.

“We’re really striving to just provide the tools that are needed by the students in these areas where they, for a variety of reasons, whether it be access, whether it be cost given recent economic conditions, just the multitude of reasons it may be difficult to obtain those resources, we’re just trying to do our part to give back to our community to give every student an equal chance,” Aqil Ali said.

The backpacks will be given to several community organizations and six different CPS schools to distribute to students who need the supplies.

“To start the school year off with a pencil to be able to write, notebooks to be able to draw or just being able to have a backpack on your back … it’s just something different and something simple to allow children to feel like part of that school system,” Ali said.