Violence surges in Chicago amid COVID-19 pandemic

Chicago News

CHICAGO As millions continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, violence has surged in the city of Chicago in 2020.

Chicago police said more than 10,000 guns have been recovered off of city streets this year alone.

Despite the action to recover guns off the street, Chicago has still seen more than 700 homicides in 2020. The latest includes a teen who was killed in a South Loop parking garage Monday morning.

The 716 homicides recorded by Chicago dwarf the 464 homicides reported between January and November of 2019. Just in November 2020, 58 murders took place, compared to last year’s 33.

Overall, the city has seen 3,033 shootings this year, with police making more than 6,600 gun-related arrests.

Police said that Chicago officers have been shot at more than 70 times this year, with 10 being wounded.


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