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DIXMOOR, Ill. — Residents in Dixmoor have been left without a water supply Saturday after water pressure fell to half its normal levels, according to village officials.

Village officials said water pressure levels must be in the range of 35 to 36 pounds of pressure per square inch to service the village. On Saturday, pressure levels fell into single digits at various times.

The village declared a State of Emergency last Thursday amid ongoing water concerns for the village. Water for the village is solely supplied by the nearby City of Harvey.

Village officials have made cases of bottled water available to residents at Village Hall and announced just after 6 p.m. on Saturday that water pressure appears to be back to normal, although full water pressure is not expected to return until the turbines are replaced.

“We can report that we found the break which occurred in Harvey and the break has been repaired. Right now, we are waiting for the pressure to build back up, but we won’t have full pressure until the turbines we use to add water pressure are repaired. We will have engineers on site tomorrow to diagnose the problems with the turbines,” Dixmoor Village President Fitzgerald Roberts said.

According to the village’s mayor, the issue was due to a crack in the main water line out of Harvey, causing the low water pressure on Saturday.

The City of Harvey released the following statement Saturday evening:

“The City of Harvey’s feeder line to the Village of Dixmoor is not compromised and in full working order. We have advised Dixmoor officials that their low pressure issues may be related to the numerous water main breaks and deferred maintenance within the village of Dixmoor boundaries and control. The City of Harvey, at no cost to the Village, previously dispatched technicians and Harvey professionals to assist with leak detection and technical assistance. We will continue to support the Village of Dixmoor as they address their infrastructure challenges.”