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MAYWOOD, Ill. — There are calls for the superintendent of Proviso Dist. 209 to resign after a heated confrontation with a female board member earlier this week.

The new controversy comes amid a two-week teachers strike. Classes were canceled for a 10th day Friday for students in the district, extending the strike into spring break.

The main sticking point with the district is over pay. The teachers said they are asking for a two-year deal with a 7.25% raise, instead of three years for 13%.

But the district is holding on to it’s offer of 9% over three years.

There were talks of both sides getting together over spring break, however the teachers union said there are no meetings scheduled.

Along with the strike bringing attention to the district, a video surfaced of a confrontation between Supt. Dr. James Henderson and board member Claudia Medina at the end of a board meeting earlier this week.

Henderson is accused of using a backhand slapping motion while the two appear to be arguing. The district released two different angles of the confrontation, along with a letter from the superintendent asking people to watch the entire incident before passing judgement.

In the letter, Henderson said Medina is the aggressor, invading his personal space and waving her finger at him while shoving him with her body and screaming her demands. He calls what he did a human reaction.

The superintendent said the two have had their differences since he got the job.