2 Chicago cops relieved of police powers after video shows violent arrest at Brickyard Mall

CHICAGO — Two Chicago police officers have been relieved of their police powers after two incidents at the Brickyard Mall on Sunday.

Chicago police Supt. David Brown said he reviewed the Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s recommendation and relieved two officers from their police powers, pending an external investigation.

Two separate incidents happened Sunday afternoon at the mall that caused the city’s action. At this time, it’s unknown who the officers are or what incident they were involved in.

Tnika Tate said she and some family members were sitting inside their car as it was parked outside Brickyard Mall when they were assaulted by Chicago police officers around 3 p.m. Sunday.

Video captured by a relative shows officers surrounding the car before smashing the windows and pulling Tate and her family from the vehicle.

“I was terrified, I feared for my life when those guns and everything was pointed at me,” Tate said during an emotional press conference Thursday. “My child is burying his grandmother on Monday, he could have been burying his mother.”

Police were responding to reports of looting at the mall, but the family says they didn’t know how officers on the scene could have suspected they were involved. 

At around the same time, Lazendra Collins said her family picked her up from work when she saw the commotion in the parking lot.

Collins said trouble came her way as she sat in traffic in her SUV with her family.

“They ran up to our car and hit our car twice,” Collins said. “The first time it was just a hit, and then the second time they hit the vehicle. It busted the back window.”

Collins said she started videotaping the chaotic scene with her cell phone.

“He tried to snatch it from me I didn’t let it go,” Collins said of an officer. “He hit me twice.  Here on my hand, my leg. I have two baton bruises on my leg.”

Collins showed WGN still images of what appears to be baton-shaped bruising on her body.

Collins, who said she has relatives in law enforcement, tried to get names and badge numbers, only to discover that the officers in her immediate view seemed to have their names and badge numbers covered up with a black band. 

Police later took Lawrence Teague into custody, releasing him the next day.

“The Department is also aware of the independent investigation being conducted by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office,” Supt. Brown said in a statement.

“Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown has reviewed the Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s recommendation regarding the reported May 31, 2020 incident of officer misconduct at 2600 N. Narragansett Ave., and has relieved two of the involved officers of their police powers, pending the external investigation. The Department is also aware of the independent investigation being conducted by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.”

During a news conference Friday evening, Mayor Lightfoot said police misconduct will not be tolerated.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it everyday,” Mayor Lightfoot said. “We will not tolerate people who cross the line. We will not tolerate excessive force. We will not tolerate profanity and homophobic comments.”