CHICAGO — Asylum seekers who say they have been vetted by immigration at the Mexican border arrived at O’Hare International Airport late Tuesday morning, the latest development in a string of issues hampering their placement in local shelters.

On Monday, WGN reported on a number of migrants who were stuck being shuffled back and forth between police stations in the City. Tuesday, more arrived with questions over where they would be heading next.

Jose Lopez, an asylum seeker at O’Hare from Venezuela, told WGN their journey is not over yet, adding he hopes to find shelter so that he can then find a job.

Lopez is one of several Venezuelans asylum seekers who arrived at the airport Tuesday with not much more than a one-way ticket to Chicago from Texas. After a phone call to the City’s 311 service line, solo travelers and families patiently waited for a shuttle they were told will take them to a place to rest.

“When asylum seekers arrive at City facilities, a shelter placement request is immediately made through 311,” a statement from the City of Chicago reads, in part. “Once the request is made, the City works with community partners to transport the individuals and families to a shelter once space is available.”

Lopez told WGN he is traveling solo and that the asylum seekers he is travelling with were told families are the priority at the moment.