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CHICAGO — A Lane Tech senior was surprised by the University of Chicago Friday with a full-ride scholarship.

Anthony Alvarez Reyes walked out into Lane Tech’s courtyard expecting an interview with an admissions counselor. Instead, Alvarez Reyes was told he’s already in with a full-ride scholarship.

“So I’ve been accepted, that’s it, admitted,” he said. “I know it’s like disbelief.”

Alvarez Reyes is from Little Village and said he’s overcome so much which has led to where he is today.

“There’s violence, bullying,” he said. “But I’ve rosen up and I want to thank everyone for this moment.”

He is inspired to enter the medical field after witnessing a doctor help his younger sister overcome heart complications.

“I want to study biology and maybe minor in computer science and ultimately become a pediatrician to be able to help kids, little kids,” he said.

His teacher said he has worked so hard to get here and deserves this more than anyone they know.

“He was always looking for an opportunity to learn, and he was always showing me that he wanted to advance his own position and he did it in a way that was really humble and just sweet he’s just a great kid,” teacher Lindsey Vetvick said.

The University of Chicago admissions director said his caring nature is what really stood out to them.

“I think everyone agreed that it was that combination of ambition but also consideration that caring piece that he is not just smart and hardworking, but he’s a wonderful person as well,” said Veronica Hauad.

Alvarez Reyes also shared some insight for future University of Chicago applicants.

“Study hard, anyone can do this,” he said. “If you believe, try, you can succeed.”