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CHICAGO Different cultures celebrate Easter differently, with each having its own traditions.

WGN’S Marcella Raymond visited the Ukrainian National Museum in Ukrainian Village to see how Easter Eggs are made.

The Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter Egg, an ancient art form dating back centuries.

“It’s coming from the dark into the light,” Pysanka artist and instructor Anna Chychula said.

Chicken, goose and ostrich eggs are written on with beeswax, each symbolizing something beautiful.

The process takes six to eight hours to write on a chicken egg, taking more than 40 hours for the larger ostrich eggs.

Writing on the eggs is a tradition of rebirth honoring the Pagan gods, though the sybolization changed when Ukraine became Christian in 988.

The tradition gave solace and purpose to Ukrainians who were displaced after World War II.

The Ukrainian National Museum is filled with culture and history, but with limited capacity reservations online fill up quickly.