CHICAGO — Are you planning to fly out of town for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend? Travelers beware of delays and cancellations.

Airports nationwide are experiencing an uptick in altered flights and O’Hare International is no exception. On Wednesday, officials reported 150 flight delays at O’Hare and just under 70 cancellations.

Karen Reif and her friends are part of the many affected.

The group told WGN News they were supposed to be on a plane to Germany but must book a hotel to stay overnight near the airport.

“So we left on Tuesday and now we’re going to spend another night,” Reif said. “It’s supposed to be a tour of European country capitals, and instead, we’re getting a tour of American city airports.”

The flight cancellations also impacted Marilyn Kinion.

“We were scheduled to go on a tour of Obramagough in Germany, we were supposed to leave at 5:45 this morning from Phoenix, and we found out our flight was canceled around 3 a.m,” Kinion said.

Both flew standby to O’Hare, hoping to make their connecting flights still but soon learned of another cancellation. 

“They canceled us on our flight at 3:15, so now we’re not going until tomorrow,” Kinion said.

Between Thursday and Tuesday, Chicago airports may experience the busiest weekend of holiday travel since the start of the pandemic — between an increase in passengers and a shortage of workers for airlines — travelers need to brace for double the trouble and prep with a backup plan. 

“I don’t want to sleep here,” said Kevin Corbin, who sought to fly to South Carolina. “But hey, it is what it is. We’ll deal with it. There’s always Greyhound.” 

This group will now arrive a day and a half behind their tour group, missing some of Reif’s favorite parts of the itinerary. 

“(We planned) a stop at the (Rathaus-Glockenspiel), the historic clock from 1908 that chimes 43 bells and now they are just going to send me a picture,” Reif said. “I won’t get to see it!” 

Across the country on Wednesday, more than 18,000 flights were delayed and around 2,000 more flights canceled. 

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Delta recently dropped rebooking fees ahead of the holiday weekend, warning passengers that they’ll face challenges.