CHICAGO — Health officials and city leaders discussed Monday what’s needed to get Chicago on the right track in terms of mental health.

The discussed on Monday at city hall centered on what is the future for the city when it comes to mental health and how do we make it more accessible, more diverse and more effective for all.

City officials and health professionals marked a first step toward making mental health a focus in the next budget.

The first committee meeting on health and human relations was led by Alderwoman Rossana-Rodriguez Sanchez.

She has been working with the Collaborative for Community Wellness, a movement of 70 organizations around Chicago. Their goal is treatment, not trauma.

By hoping to create a multi-pronged mission which seeks to create a 24-hour hotline for mental health emergencies, the establishment of community-based healthcare teams and the elimination of sending police officers to respond to clear-cut mental health crises.

It follows a commitment by Mayor Brandon Johnson during his campaign to get mental health clinics reopened around the city. Some of which were shuttered, almost a decade ago, under Rahm Emanuel’s administration.

To create a city-wide crisis response would result in an investment somewhere in the region of $100,000,000, according to the Collaborative Community Group. This process would not include police officers.