Tom Skilling reveals he’s lost 120 pounds on 1 year mark of weight loss journey

Chicago News

CHICAGO —  WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling marked the one-year anniversary of his weight loss journey Thursday by revealing he has lost over 100 pounds in the past year.

On March 4, 2020, Skilling began his weight loss journey at Northwestern Hospital and underwent gastric bypass surgery.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but I’ll tell you, I’m so grateful to have made it,” Skilling said in the Facebook post.

He said a year ago he weighed 292 pounds, and Thursday morning weighed in at 172 pounds. A total of 120 pounds lost in the past year!

Skilling says his diabetes is gone and his cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been.

Skilling released the following statement in regards to his journey:

“I have to tell you the decision to move forward on the surgery was one of the best I’ve ever made. And what was done by my surgeon Dr. Hungness and his team at Northwestern Memorial was nothing short of a medical miracle! I had been on the wrong track and desperately needed help shedding all the weight. Gone with the 120 lbs. I’ve lost is the diabetes which had developed and gripping fatigue after walking all of three blocks or up a flight of stairs. The health benefits have been miraculous–but so too has been getting into clothes I never dreamed I’d ever get into again. It’s been quite a journey–but a great one with results which exceeded even my most optimistic expectations!”

Tom Skilling

Way to go, Skilling! You are an inspiration to us all.


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