CHICAGO — A 15-year-old boy who was critically injured after a drive-by shooting in 2021, and who helped save a friend with a gunshot wound a year earlier, was fatally shot Monday night.

The medical examiner’s office identified the boy as Swaysee Rankin.

Chicago police said a boy was dropped off to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to the body and was later pronounced dead.

On April 26, 2021, Rankin was injured after a drive-by shooting in South Chicago while he was walking home from school with a friend. He suffered gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen.

Two Chicago police officers were credited with saving the, then 13-year-old boy. He remained in critical condition, but family said he would be okay.

At the time, Rankin’s mother recalled her son saving a girl who was shot in 2020.

The mother of the girl who was shot said that Rankin, after noticing she was shot in her back, took his shirt off to apply pressure to her gunshot wound and stayed by her side until the paramedics arrived.

Rankin succumbed to his injures at South Shore Hospital Monday. There is currently no one in custody and police are investigating the incident.

There is no additional information on where the shooting occurred or how it happened.

WGN is actively following this situation and will update as more information is recovered.