Dozens of guns stolen from Winthrop Harbor store in robbery caught on surveillance video

Chicago News

WINTHROP HARBOR, Ill. — Police say four robbery suspects struck a Winthrop Harbor sports store with precision early Tuesday morning, stealing more than three dozen weapons in a manner of minutes. 

Local police are getting support from nearby jurisdictions and federal agents as they work to determine who broke into The Outdoorsman, a gun shop and shooting range, around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday before making off with two shotguns, five rifles and 32 pistols.

According to Detective Chris Willets, surveillance footage shows it took at least four masked suspects just 35 seconds to get into the store and start stuffing bags full of firearms. They loaded up within a minute or so and fled in a dark-colored vehicle believed to be a Toyota Rav 4.  

While Winthrop Harbor Police squad cars arrived on the scene within minutes, the suspects were already gone. Speeding north on Sheridan Road, the getaway vehicle headed towards the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. 

Willets said police are looking into whether the burglars visited the store in the days or weeks before the break-in.  

“Our evidence techs did process the scene, we do have evidence associated to them which hopefully the lab will come back with something to identify the assailant,” Willets said.

Anyone with information is urged to call 847-872-8646, or Lake County Crime Stoppers at 847-662-2222.


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