STREAMWOOD, Ill. —  For the 13th year in a row, a Streamwood mosque is hosting an annual blood drive, but this year comes with a specific goal in mind.

The mosque—Baitul Ilm Academy—partnered with the community service group, ‘Who is Hussain,’ to team up in a global effort with 60 sites around the world trying to break the record for most blood donations made in one day.

Syed Mohamed Bilgrami who is from ‘Who Is Hussain’ said the organization tries to do as much as they can do for the community, globally, here in Chicago.

“The current global record is around 33,000 blood donations and one single day. We are trying to break that today,” Bilgrami said.

Salman Ali is not only donating today but volunteering his time because blood donation is very important to him.

“My mom had gone through some health issues, and she needed plasma so I’m well aware of people are in the nation and how important it can be,” Ali said.

Still, the area and much of the country remains very low for available blood. Making this potential record setter even more important.

Phil Sanfratello from Vitalant said there is a specific shortage of some blood types and that there’s always room for more.

“Right now, we are really short of … Especially type O … Of course we need blood of all types. But it’s especially critical for people who are type O to come out and donate” Sanfratello said.

The Baitul Ilm Academy in Streamwood is hosting its blood drive Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.