CHICAGO — Star Trek Mission Chicago is taking over the McCormick Place this weekend, serving as a first contact of sorts for Trekkies of all stripes.

Fans of the expansive Star Trek universe had their chance to live in a place that celebrates diversity over division.

Stars of the show, including William Shatner, came to meet and greet fans, some who came from across the country.

“We’re getting together and everyone has the same interests.  It’s a very cool atmosphere,” Nashville resident Jody Koenemann said.

For a former NASA executive, Star Trek’s impact continues to reach far beyond the show’s initial legacy.

“Star Trek has influenced a lot of people who either work at NASA or work with our industry partners that are really making human space flight possible, which is very exciting because there’s so much going on with commercial space flight and the Artemis program to go back to the moon and on to mars and Star Trek has huge role in that,” Tom Rathjen said.

As for WGN’s Weekend Evening News anchor Tahman Bradley, the convention was a great way to play hooky with his wife.

“Last night I tried to get her to watch Star Trek The Motion Picture but she wanted to watch Married at First Sight so…” Bradley said.

Jenny Bradley said she’s a Trekkie by marriage “unfortunately”, although the fandom is still being worked on.