CHICAGO — Faithful Saint Sabina Church members are coming to the defense of their longtime leader, Father Michael Pfleger.

It has been more than a week since a new child sex abuse allegation was alleged against Fr. Pfleger, and supporters of the Chicago priest renewed their faith in his innocence outside of Saint Sabina Church Sunday.

Pfleger agreed to step aside from the ministry during an investigation, the second in less than two years.

Supporters came out to stand up for the priest and fight for his innocence, even Reverend Jesse Jackson from the Push Coalition.

“He’s made this into a remarkable ministry.  He deserves support. I’m here to support him. I believe in him,” Jackson said.

Last May, the Archdiocese reinstated Pfleger after a five-month investigation found insufficient reason to suspect Pfleger was guilty of the abuse.

Supporters said while they understand the seriousness of the allegations, they believe Pfleger is innocent.

Maxwell Emcays from St. Sabina said this is a direct disrespect to victims because of the predators who still walk the streets.

“There are people who need to be held accountable for, but this assassination attempt on Father Mike is something we won’t stand for,” Emcays said.