CHICAGO — A statue at the closed St. Adalbert Catholic Church in Pilsen will stay put for now.

The parish was consolidated several years ago and the Archdiocese wanted to move several items out to a more secure location.

Demonstrators claimed a small victory as they learned the statue would not be moved Tuesday, but rather at a later time.

Police were on scene at the church, threatening to arrest the demonstrators who refused to leave.

The Archdiocese wants to move a replica of Michelangelo’s “La Pieta” to its new home at St. Paul Catholic Church in Pilsen. Workers had already removed part of the wall, when the project was stopped.

Adalbert Church has been in business for more than a century and has deep connections with both the Polish and Mexican communities.

After the city’s building department came out to the church to inspect permits, they found that the Archdiocese did not, in fact, have all of the proper paperwork in place to move the statue.

The Archdiocese said they believed they did have all the paperwork completed to make the move on Tuesday.

Now, many in the community are still fighting the Archdiocese’s decision to close the church.

“This is our church, and I don’t care about how many days we’re going to be here,” said Maria Mendez, a parishioner. “We are here and we’re not going to move.”

Ald. Byron Sigcho Lopez was at the church with demonstrators, and said he’s trying to work with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration and the Archdiocese to discuss the future of the site — but he said his calls for meetings since February have gone unanswered.

It is unclear when the statue will actually be relocated.