Sprouting sign of summer, normalcy as Green City Market reopens

CHICAGO — In Chicago’s Lincoln Park, there was a sprouting sign of summer Saturday.

The Green City Market reopened for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The market has outlined steps they are taking for health and safety going forward.

Flavian Prince was one of the many who came to the market and noticed the changes right away.  His company Mzuzi, teaches young Chicagoans how to succeed in business.  That includes a garden on the South Side. He said having the markets return is a good sign.

“It doesn’t have the same atmosphere  hat you’re used to, but it’s good,” he said. “The pandemic and the protests took a lot from us. They took a lot of hope from us. So you see these things and it brings a lot of hope back to the city.”

And hope is what many of those selling their wares need as well.  Most are small businesses like Ellis Family Farm and Rene Gelder. She brought her crew and her produce knowing that sales won’t be the same but it’s still something.

“Since March, everything changed at that point,” Gelder said. “We’re making payroll so that’s a good thing.”

“This is the new normal, for now.” Green City Market’s Melissa Flynn said. “Until we’re told otherwise, this is what it’s going to look like. And we’re just going to try and improve it each week. Today is Day One, so we’re learning what works, what doesn’t work and hopefully each week it’ll just get a little more smooth.”

More information at https://www.greencitymarket.org/