CHICAGO — The Special Olympics are coming to Soldier Field, representing Chicagoans from all across the city.

More than 2,000 athletes gathered for the opening ceremonies Monday morning for the special Olympics which date back to 1968.

Competitors are coming from 77 neighborhoods, a variety of schools, community organizations and city parks.

The Spring Games will have more than 25 track and field events held at Dunbar Park starting Tuesday and running through Friday, including retired Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who was there since the beginning.

“We had a hard time encouraging people to really support people who had learning differences but we got 26 states to come and here we are 55 years later. The world thinks people of differences are not different anymore,” Burke said.

“What do you think of seeing all these athletes here with you? Well, I’m so happy because these fans I love them so much,” athlete Jorge Herandez said.

The first competitions of the Special Olympics start Tuesday on the Near South Side.