CHICAGO — “Soy amigo de Dios” translates to “I am a friend of God,” which is the message Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Woodlawn wants to send asylum seekers who are seeking a better life in the United States, they are a friend there to help.

“Our goal is to treat everyone with respect and love,” said Reverend Kenneth Phelps. “That’s why we’re doing it. we just want to make them [feel] welcomed and to wrap our arms around this particular community.”

Phelps and Concord Missionary Baptist are found just minutes away from the former Wadsworth Elementary School, which is now functioning as a temporary shelter for migrants who have been bussed to Chicago.

On top of offering a bilingual church service for attendees on Sundays, the Chicago 4 All Initiative wants to help integrate Woodlawn’s newest residents into the community.

“They need our help. They’re here, they’re human and they’re hurting,” said Reverend David Cruz of Father’s Heart Church Chicago. “So, I think the best way we can do is to show the love of God.”

“Bendiciones, estaba muy deprimida. Y en verdad a venido a la iglesia me ha sentido muy bien,” said Kay, a migrant at Concord Missionary Baptist Sunday.

Translation: “Blessings, I was very depressed. And actually coming to church has felt really good.”

Church officials tell WGN that Concord Missionary Baptist will also serve as a space for migrants to learn English, have internet access and create their authentic dishes in the community kitchen.

While bilingual church services are just the beginning, Concord Missionary Baptist said they are in need of extra support, including Spanish-speaking volunteers, food and other supplies. If you would like to help, the church encourages you to reach out to Rev. Phelps at (773) 363-1377, or