CHICAGO — After spending decades in the financial services industry, a pair of Chicago businessmen are betting big on a new motion picture.

A private screening of the new film, “Story Ave,” is set to be held Saturday night at the Music Box Theater. The Chicago backers of the film, investment banker Martin Cabrera and business partner Robert Aguilar, say they hope the film opens the door to more talented Black and Brown actors and directors.

“To see more people like us on the silver screen was important for us,” Aguilar said.

Set in New York, “Story Avenue” is a film about the “family you are born into versus the family you choose,” says writer and director Aristotle Torres.

“It’s a surreal moment to share this film that’s so close to my heart,” Torres added.

The film was critically acclaimed at the recent South by Southwest Film Festival. It’s set for a national theatrical release later this year.

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