South Side mother of 4 scrambles for answers as apartment remains without heat

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CHICAGO — A mother of four children living in an apartment in Marquette Park has been without heat for months, leaving her family scrambling for a solution.

Yvette, whose last name is undisclosed to protect her privacy, has been heating her apartment with her oven, as the unit has been without heat since October.

Yvette said other issues in the apartment have been prevalent as well, including numerous leaks and issues with rodents. She said she has received little assistance from the landlord and was told an inspector paid a visit after calling the city.

“He came in and inspected it and the first thing he said was that this apartment is illegal, it’s not even supposed to be an apartment,” Yvette said.

WGN has reached out to city officials regarding the inspection and have yet to hear back.

With temperatures currently in the teens, the sense of urgency is heightened on fixing the heat in Yvette’s apartment. To help get that rectified, Yvette said she has withheld rent for the past three months, when the issues began.

She now said she has been served with a 5-day eviction notice, leading her further unsure of the next steps for her and her family.

“Sometimes, I feel being in a shelter, we’d be better off. Because the conditions we are living in are just bad. They’re bad,” Yvette said.

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