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CHICAGO — Members of the Little Village community approached Chicago police officers at the training academy Friday with a peace offering.

The group brought teddy bears to officers in wake of the death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo by a CPD officer.

After giving the teddy bears, the protesters marched from the training academy to the Fraternal Order of Police building.

“I am standing with community to say no mother should have to lay their baby to rest, their child due to the murder by police, a police officer period,” said mother Cecilia Garcia.

Bodycam footage released two weeks ago shows Chicago police officer Eric Stillman chasing Toledo in a Little Village alley. Toledo appeared to drop a gun behind a fence in less than a second before he turned towards Stillman.

“The foot pursuits need to end,” community activist Eric Russell said. “They have missed 70% of the benchmarks for police reform, that tells me there is no commitment for Mayor Lightfoot and CPD to reform pursuits.”

As part of a consent decree, the Department of Justice recommended changes to CPD’s foot pursuit policy back in 2016, saying one in three police shootings started in a foot pursuit.

After the killing of Toledo and Anthony Alvarez, 22, Mayor Lightfoot said she now wants to see changes by summer.

In a document obtained by the Chicago Tribune, new guidelines are being considered; calling for officers to make more careful decisions about chasing suspects.

Officers will be asked to consider the number of suspects and available police present, whether the suspect is believed to be armed, the severity of the alleged crime committed, availability of backup officers and the officer’s familiarity to the area.

Supt. Brown said the potential changes to the foot pursuit policy are under an internal review right now.