Snow causing roof caving, collapsing concerns across Chicago area

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CHICAGO —Warming temperatures are a nice change, but it’s causing some issues. Roofs continue to cave across Chicagoland due to the significant snowfall the area has received.

Nearly all of the sidewalks in Chicago have signs up, warning people of the danger of falling ice, which is also causing concern.

On the Near West Side, John Weidel and his crew with Superior Roofing are removing the wet heavy snow from the flat roof of a three-flat before it does serious damage.

“That snow accumulates up there and it’s a lot of weight, it’s like having three or four trucks up there on your roof,” Weidel said.

The company was called after the owner of the top unit noticed some bubbling in his ceiling.

While the damage isn’t catastrophic, the amount of snow Chicagoland has received in a short amount of time has cause some serious problems with roofs collapsing. One person was killed when an awning collapsed just last week.

The city’s building department told the Chicago Tribune it’s an unusual year, but stressing nearly all of the buildings that have collaped, or partially collapsed, have been an average 75-years-old and vacant – therefore, not as likely to be maintained.

The fire department told the Tribune its responded to 25 to 30 roof or awning collapses this year.

The city has repeated this warning over and over, not to go up on your roof to remove snow, instead call a professional or just let Mother Nature do her job.

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