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CHICAGO — A group of Chicagoans walked their dogs in support of a woman who was confronted by police in a widely shared video.

Gatherers said Nikkita Brown was the latest victim of police brutality, which is why they decided to stand in solidarity with her at North Avenue Beach Sunday, where the incident occurred – to reclaim the space for her.   

The group walked their dogs along the lakefront, where Brown’s lawyers said she was ‘brutally’ attacked two weeks ago. In the video, a Chicago police officer grabs Brown as she tries to leave North Avenue Beach with her dog just after midnight on Aug. 28.  

Brown is heard screaming as a struggle ensues. Finally, after more than a minute – the officer lets Brown go and both walk away in opposite directions.  

The video spread quickly on social media and got the attention of several local organizations that are marching for justice.   

“Sometimes you avoid the space, the spaces you’re afraid to come back to, so we want to make sure to send a message to Nikkita that this is a safe space for her,” said Crista Noel with Women’s All Points Bulletin.

“There is no reason why a Black woman should be criminalized just for walking her dog,” said Jazmine Salas of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.

“When I saw the video of what happened to her, I started thinking, ‘Wow, what if that was me and my baby?'” said Trina Kim Townsen, with Survivor of Police Violence.

The police officer involved in the incident has been placed on desk duty pending a COPA investigation.