CHICAGO — The four defendants in one of the biggest corruption trials in the State of Illinois in over a decade now know when they’ll be sentenced.

Jay Doherty, John Hooker, Michael McClain and Anne Premaggiore – together known as the “ComEd Four” – all have January dates to find out their punishments after all were found guilty on all counts in federal court on Tuesday.

McClain, a former lobbyist with close ties to former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, will be the first to be sentenced on January 11, 2024 after he was found guilty on all nine counts.

Pramaggiore, the former CEO of ComEd, who also was found guilty on all nine counts against her, will be sentenced five days later on January 16, 2024.

Hooker, ComEd’s former executive vice president of legislative and external affairs, faces sentencing on January 25 after he was found guilty on all six counts in the trial.

Doherty, a former ComEd consultant who also was guilty on six counts, will be the last to be sentenced on January 30.

Federal prosecutors were able to prove to the jury that the four got contracts, jobs, and money for those close to Madigan in exchange for passing legislation that would help to increase ComEd’s profits.

A member of the Illinois House for 50 years and its speaker from 1997 through 2021, Madigan was indicted on 22 counts of racketeering and bribery in March 2022 related to the ComEd scheme.

The former legislator’s named was mentioned often during this trial as Madigan awaits his own in April 2023.