Seniors, homeless at Chicago care facilities receive origami from 16-year-old girl

Chicago News

CHICAGO – For weeks now, a handful of care facilities have been receiving origami cards from a 16-year-old stranger.

Legend says that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will have their heart’s desire come true.

16-year-old Mindy Huang has been gingerly cutting, folding and tucking paper every day for months now.

“When I’m sitting there, cutting the paper, it’s like ‘ugh this is so boring,'” said Huang. “But it’s all worth it when I see people enjoy something that I made.”

She’s been creating the intricate origami cards with a goal of mailing them to strangers at care facilities around Chicago.

Chicago’s Salvation Army senior residence and homeless shelter received a big bundle of them last week. It floored residents as they unfolded the beautiful surprise.

“It was such a joy to be able to be the bearer of all this joy to the residents, who were surprised to be remembered in such a special way,” said Camerin Mattson with Salvation Army.

Huang has spent countless days making budding flowers, cranes and stars.

“When I started to make these cards, it took me six or seven hours to make about 20,” Huang said.

She did it after thinking about those all alone due to the pandemic.

“That sense of isolation and needing community is sometimes just as much a need as food and shelter,” Mattson said.

Huang said she hopes residents are enjoying them as much as she enjoys making them.


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