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CHICAGO – Sen. Dick Durbin is calling for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to step down amid mail delays plaguing the city.

Among the worse is the city’s South Side, with reports of paychecks, prescriptions, and bills left behind. It’s part of the reason why Sen. Durbin held a press conference Sunday, calling on postal service leadership for more transparency about what is causing mail to be delayed.

On Sunday, fed-up residents also spoke out.

“At the age of 47, this is the first time I’ve witnessed a complete lack of transparency for a service we all pay for,” said 5th Ward resident Grovena Galbreath. “People are waiting for checks. They’re late and sometimes never arrive. Bills are late sometimes and never received and people are charged interest on that.”

Sen. Durbin says a team was ordered take a closer look at post offices in the city. The investigation identified 300 pieces of mail that had failed to be delivered in four offices.

Turns out, the number was far worse.

“When the official inspector showed up the next day it wasn’t 300 it was 19,000 pieces of mail sitting there undelivered,” Sen. Durbin said.

It’s why the Illinois leader is asking for accountability from the Postmaster General.

“We are going to tell him his 10-year plan is a disaster,” Sen. Durbin said. “The plan consists of raising the cost of the mail and slow delivery. How about that for a winning formula?

“It’s best he step aside and somebody new with a better creative idea come into the picture.”

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