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CHICAGO — A security company is proposing K-9 teams to help protect Chicago’s streets and public spaces.

Action K9 Security is home to about 80 trained dogs who work with guards to keep the public safe. Timothy Clancy, the company’s Vice President of Operations, says his dogs have found more than 20 guns at public venues within the last year.

Clancy says right now, 38 Action K9 Security dogs can detect weapons and 60 dogs can detect weapons and explosives.

As gun violence in the city intensifies, Action K9 Security trainers are teaching more of their security dogs to sniff for guns by smelling gun power.

“If we need their assistance, we’ll call them,” Clancy said. “If they need our assistance, they will call us.”

In a demonstration provided by the company, a man is carrying a backpack with a gun inside. Within a few seconds, Boss, a male Labrador, can smell the gun and indicate to his guide that a firearm is inside.

Retired CPD Deputy Chief of Patrol and former District 1 Commander James Keating now works as Director of Security for Action K9 Security. He says trained dogs are vital in deterring criminals and protecting the community.

The security dogs go through thousands of hours of training before they go out into the field.

“You have another highly trained tool in your toolbox,” Keating said. “Our canines here are trained 10 times more than a regular security officer, 10 times.”

Once the dogs are certified, they complete a minimum of four hours of training each week.

“If you’re being assaulted, my dog can engage the bad guy,” Clancy said. “Two, three, four unarmed guards, they cannot engage the bad guy.”