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CHICAGO — The search is on for a cat who went viral Thursday for his death-defying jump from a burning building in Englewood.

The Chicago Fire Department tweeted out a video of a black cat jumping out of the window of a burning Englewood building near 65th and Lowe.

The cat, who’s name is Hennessey, “hit grass, bounced and walked away,” Chicago fire tweeted.

In the video, you can hear witnesses Karimah Yasin and her daughter cry out in astonishment.

“We didn’t know if the cat was going to jump or not but then I guess he got the courage to jump and he jumped,” said Yasin. “I was screaming. I was like, ‘oh my god,’ my daughter was screaming too.”

Witnesses said the cat, who had to clear a 12-foot concrete wall in front of the building, seemed to be okay and scampered off before disappearing.

“He just bounced and he walked off,” a witness said.

His owner has been canvasing the neighborhood searching for Hennessey, who is all black with a tiny speck of white on his chest.

PAWS Chicago has been looking and wants to make sure the cat gets free veterinarian care. If located, you can call the PAWS Chicago Englewood outreach center at 773-475-9426.

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