Schools, some businesses remain closed as water pressure problems continue in Dixmoor

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DIXMOOR, Ill. — Water pressure problems in Dixmoor continue to close schools, businesses and leave some residents without running water for yet another day.

Fitzgerald Roberts, the village president, said Dixmoor really needs help.

Residents have been stopping by the village hall to pick up cases of donated bottled water. Some have had no water running in their homes since Saturday. 

The village president is blaming aging infrastructure. He said the ongoing water pressure problems are due to a closed valve in a feeder pipe that runs from Harvey to Dixmoor, and that these issues could continue into next week.

“The valve gate is not fully open. What has to happen is they have to send a camera down through the line from the Harvey side to see this valve that supplies the water to Dixmoor,” said Mayor Roberts.

Residents are frustrated and aggravated.

“We need to take a shower. We need to do dishes,” said Dixmoor resident Mary Shures. “I got two special needs kids back here. I’ve got a special husband who needs a bath. I can’t. It’s hard. I need water to do things.”

Mayor Roberts said officials are doing all they can to help residents. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said the water crisis is another example of why federal help is needed to address aging infrastructure in under-resourced communities. 

“We need these federal resources as quickly as possible at the local level,” says Preckwinkle, “so we can address challenges we face here in Dixmoor.”

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