Chicago area restaurant owners who attended Wednesday US Capitol riots facing backlash

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CHICAGO Restaurant owners across the Chicago area who are Trump supporters and attended the US Capitol riots on Wednesday are facing swift backlash back home.

Employees at Tank Noodle in Uptown said they have received death threats while social media members are encouraging boycotts.

Several restaurant owners across the area are under fire for being in Washington D.C. during the riots, even if they did not storm the Capitol.

Tank Noodle is a popular restaurant, averaging four out of five stars on Yelp before its owners went to Washington.

Now, most reviews are one-star, with harsh criticism in the comment section.

“I will no longer support this business after the owner actively participated in the events on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C.,” one commenter said.

Karen LaVere, owner of Balboa’s Cheesesteaks in Naperville, was also in Washington on Wednesday. LaVere said she and her husband wanted to see history and stayed near the Washington Monument.

LaVere said the two were in her hotel room by 4:00 p.m. and saw what was unfolding.

“I’m sorry for holding an American flag in America under an American monument in America. I’m sorry I held an American flag, I didn’t know that makes me a terrorist. Just because a bunch of buffoons wanted to act like a bunch of idiots doesn’t mean all of us were doing that,” LaVere said.

LaVere also said that she has received death threats, adding that her restaurant should not suffer, as she’s just trying to survive a pandemic and pay her employees.

An employee at Tank Noodle told WGN the owners were not near the Capitol and did not particpate in any violent acts.

The owners of Tank Noodle released a statement, which reads:

“Some of our family members flew to Washington, D.C. to participate peacefully at the rally on the Ellipse and left soon after it concluded. At no time were any of our family members and friends involved in the disgraceful actions that took place at the Capitol.”

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