CHICAGO — It’s been two weeks since a massive fire killed an elderly woman and displaced dozens of residents in a Kenwood high-rise.

The fire, which started on the 15th floor, has left many people out of their units indefinitely and hoping for more assistance from building leaders.

Harper Square residents like Oluyinka Bankole are now living with friends or family because of the fire.

Bankole said management won’t allow her to go upstairs and gather any belongings, but she believes she could have saved more items the day of the fire if the building management had communicated better.

“If she had told us the fire was in the unit, we had enough time, we’re talking about an hour or more than an hour, we could pick some things but she kept telling us don’t worry stay in your unit,” Bankole said.

She said her property insurance policy paid out $10,000. She said she and other residents have to show proof of their policies annually to building management.

“We were underinsured,” Bankole said. “I don’t know if that is our fault or the building but I believe they should have told us that the insurance submitted was not good enough.”

Balinda Williams-Lee said the experience has been hectic and expensive.

Williams-Lee and her family are now staying in an apartment in Bridgeport and also unable to return to her unit.

She said she heard from a friend that February rent might be waived, and while that’s helpful, she’s looking for more support.

“With the possibility of us being out of our units for six-to-eight months, or a year, February is nothing,” Williams-Lee said.

She understands lots of monetary support from management might not come through, but she said she and other residents want to feel their voices are being heard.

“I don’t expect them to give me money, but give me some emotional support, some moral support,” Williams-Lee said.

In spite of all the challenges these past two weeks, Williams-Lee said community organizations and kind-hearted people have been very thoughtful and generous in helping out.

WGN-TV reached out to building management. A security guard for the complex said they didn’t have a comment.