Residents concerned after convicted child murderer moves to Englewood

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CHICAGO — Residents in Englewood are concerned after a child murderer and sex offender who was just released in prison decided to move to the neighborhood.

Cayce Williams, 47, from Elgin, was released from prison on Feb. 25 after his sentence was cut in half. He was originally sentenced to 48 years in prison after he sexually assaulted and beat toddler Quortney Kley while he was babysitting her in 1997.

Kley’s father stood outside of the Dixon Correctional Facility the day he was released in protest.

“I just want to get the awareness out that he is back on street,” Kley said. “Mainly let him know that she is not forgotten. His time may be done here but she’s not forgotten”

Following his release, Williams first moved in with a relative in unincorporated Crystal Lake — which triggered many angry calls to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

Less than a week later, he notified authorities that he was moving to an apartment at 66th and South Perry in Englewood.

Englewood resident L.J. Jordan is not happy to hear a convicted child rapist and murderer is one of his new neighbors.

“It’s very uncomfortable because you have kids on this block,” Jordan said.

WGN News spoke with Williams’ building manager, who said he rents to parolees and requires them to have a job.

“It’s disheartening to hear a story like that. I don’t have children but I do have a 2-year old niece and it would break my heart to hear a man was out did this to a little girl,” an Englewood woman said.

Williams was let out of prison early after the Illinois Supreme Court found the truth in sentencing statute he was imprisoned under was unconstitional.


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