CHICAGO — Chicago mayoral candidate Paul Vallas issued a statement Wednesday night after a report revealed his son was one of three police officers who fatally shot a man in Texas in 2022.

“This matter was the subject of a completed investigation,” Vallas’s statement reads. “Gus Vallas was found not to have engaged in any violations of policy or procedure and has since returned to full duty.”

The report, published by the Triibe Wednesday, identifies Gus Vallas as one of the three police officers who fatally shot Kevin Donel Johnson Jr., who at the time of the incident, was wanted for violating his parole and a felony weapons charge.

Further down in the body of the article, a video narrated by San Antonio Police Department Deputy Chief Chris Benavides — which was released last year — can be found, explaining the incident.

The video begins with officers approaching Johnson, who is on a bike, before officers get out of their car and identify themselves as police.

Johnson then runs away on foot, and officers chase him toward an embankment next to a creek.

As Johnson is crossing the creek, he stumbles and officers see a gun in his right hand. An officer can be heard yelling, “gun! gun! gun!” moments before all three officers open fire on Johnson, shooting him nine times.

Gus Vallas and the two other officers were placed on administrative duty during the investigation.