CHICAGO — Fresh off a trip to Washington D.C., advocating for more dollars for the city, mayor-elect Brandon Johnson gathered with faith leaders to pray Thursday morning.

Several hundred people were in attendance at the interfaith breakfast just days Brandon Johnson gets sworn in as Chicago’s next mayor.

Several religious leaders prayed for Johnson’s leadership and unity for the city.

“I pray that as we stand here, there is a difference between unity and uniformity,” Imam Tariq El-Amin from Masjid Al-Taqwa said.

“I am confident today Chicago that the colors that wrap us and cover us in this moment will be enough to transform not just the city of Chicago but the entire world,” Johnson said.

After the mayor-elect spoke to the crowd, they surrounded him, stretching arms and prayed for his strength and to never give up.

Johnson also announced more staffing decisions for key positions with a new incoming budget director and chief financial officer as he rounds out his team, preparing to take office.