Protest held in Daley Plaza Saturday after Breonna Taylor decision

Chicago News

CHICAGO — A peaceful protest was held Saturday in Daley Plaza calling for justice over the death of Breonna Taylor.

Those gathered Saturday afternoon said justice was not served after the Louisville police officers who shot and killed her were not charged for her death.

“It’s all about compassion and common sense for me,” protester Catherine Davidson said. “She could have been me.”

Breonna Taylor, 26, died in March after police entered her apartment as part of an investigation into a drug ring at another residence.

This week, a grand jury voted to indict one of the three white officers for wanton endangerment. However, it was not over her death. It was because bullets fired ended up in the apartment next door.

“I was overwhelmed with grief,” Davidson said. “But not surprised, not shocked because it’s continuing to happen.”

The rally was organized by My Block, My Hood, My City. They also raised money for groups that serve or are lead by Black women.


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