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ORLAND PARK, Ill. — Orland Park police say social media helped them track down a “porch pirate” who wore a badge as he stole several packages. 

Police posted Ring doorbell video of one of the incidents in which a badge is clearly visible around the man’s neck.  That’s when tips flooded in.

William Rivera, 61 of Chicago, is now charged with two misdemeanor counts of theft. 

Orland Park police said Rivera was working as a process server in the area when the package thefts occurred. 

Rivera was involved in a strikingly similar incident involving package theft a few years ago in Cicero.   WGN Investigates reported in 2019 that Rivera claimed Cicero police arrested, jailed and harassed him after he tried to serve a subpoena to testify to Cicero town president Larry Dominick in a case involving then-House Speaker Michael Madigan. 

Cicero police charged Rivera with misdemeanor theft and impersonating an officer.  The impersonating an officer charge was later dropped and a judge found Rivera not guilty of theft.

Rivera’s arrest in Cicero occurred after he said he looked for Dominick at town hall and three Cicero residences, but couldn’t find him. When he returned to town two days later he was arrested, and allegedly told Dominick couldn’t be served.  At the station, Rivera said officers accused him of stealing a package that had been delivered to the home of a town official. Rivera was charged with two misdemeanors: theft and impersonating an officer for having a badge around his neck that identified Rivera as a process server.

Rivera signed a confession that said he stole the package, but he maintains his innocence and claims his confession was coerced.

Dominick told WGN Investigates at the time the judge got it wrong. 

“Just because he’s a process server don’t mean he’s above the law,” Dominick said, adding he never ordered anyone to harass or arrest Rivera.

Rivera’s attorney in the Cicero case, Anthony Peraica, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the most recent arrest.

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